Digital Print Republic was an independent, international and comprehensive resource for the commercial colour digital printing industry, but after 15 years of free service only 5% of users thought it was worth the price of a coffee. So fuck them.

I built this thing though- and its really good

You can sign up if you like and contribute if you want- but one day I'll switch this thing off.

  • Digital Presses

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    Re: HVIF board

    Thanks Worth. I restored the press parameters, and so far no errors. Don't know what one has to do with the other, but I'll take it. Yep it's a ...

  • Wide Format

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    Sharing our vector map library

    Hey there My name is Ilya Shrayber, we are cartographers from Dominican Republic (VectorMap.Info), wanted to contribute a little to your project, by sharing our...

  • Business Development

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    Re: Wanting to start a new business

    Create a flier outlining your services. Before you do that, you need to know what those services will be. Do you want to simply do bookkeeping for a small busin...

  • Pre-Press

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    Re: Never mind, the type has to be Registration color.

    Hello Jimmy,I guess you found your solutions. I had the same issue and eventually HP figured it out for me. Place your Sheet Counter on it's own in one Ind...

  • Print Finishing

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    Re: Re: Best Kip Toner

    Look the best ink in your printer so you can use ink cartridges for dell printers....

  • Web to Print

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    Looking for HP indigo WS 4500 and WS 4600

    Looking for HP indigo WS 4500 and WS

  • Environment

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    Re: PRO - THe Lounge is DOWN

    Soz- it was a server move that changed the environment so caused a fail....

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